160 Christmas Hampers given to local people

21st December 2016

Because of the generous donations of people in North Bristol we have been able to make 160 Christmas hampers that have been given out to families and individuals nominated to us by our voucher referral agencies. Our agencies nominated those they have been working with this year who would not be able to afford some of the treats many of us get to enjoy at this special time of year.


hamper-packingChristmas can be a difficult time for people in North Bristol who are struggling financially. At this time of year when many of us are fortunate enough to be able to afford some extra treats for our Christmas celebrations, there are others who find they will have to go without again. This was a great opportunity to do something special for some people who have had very difficult year. One hamper was received by a family who only the day before had suffered a family bereavement, amongst other recent challenges; another to an elderly lady living alone who would not have had much to look forward to; and another to a 17 year old refugee with no other family with them. All hampers were gratefully received with many people saying they did not expect to get anything special this Christmas.

Thank you to all who were able to donate to us to fill these hampers, and to all who have donate food for our emergency food packages all year round. hamper-recipient

Special thanks go to volunteer teams from The Co-op and Merlin Housing Society, and to David, Graham, James and Chris who helped put together all 160 hampers over the course of two days. Thanks also to Octavius Hunt Party Supplies for providing Christmas party poppers and napkins for us to put in the hampers, and also the team at Tesco Lime Trees Road for keeping by plenty of cardboard boxes for us to fill up.

It has been great to hear back positive stories from our referral agencies of how much they have appreciated being able to have some positive contact this Christmas with the families and individuals they have been working with.

What a great way to end the year!

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